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The Academy 


We want to help every player to progress to the best player they can be. We host two types of session a week, to cover all areas of their game.  

2 sessions a week!

It's so important to help young players to get technically better with the ball. We offer two sessions a week, one is a tactical session, learning vital game related skills. The second session focuses on technical skills learning different techniques and skills.


We hold reviews every 12 weeks, to speak to parents about what the players are doing well at and can improve at. Transparency is massive. It is also a great opportunity for parent feedback.


'Homework' Yes homework but the fun kind.  We ask our players to research new skills and techniques. We hope this will help players learn self-learnt skills.

Highly Qualified Coaches 

We have experienced coaches who have played at the highest level and have many years of coaching experience.

Lots of Extras! 

All players receive a home and an away kit. A training jumper. Plus lots more!

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We will be accepting trials for players aged 5,6,7,8. Going into

our u7s u8s u9s and u10s teams!


TTG host 5- to 8-year-old group sessions every Wednesday which is another way your child can gain early experience. You can also meet our great coaches as well.

Please get in touch Via our website or Facebook, WhatsApp.

see you all soon!!!

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